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Professional Player & Coach - Over 1,800+ Hours of Coaching experience. Will help you at any level. Your goals will always be my priority.

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1 Month - Aim Training + VALORANT 2/2

This plan aims to identify fundamental flaws for both VALORANT and Aim. Focusing on building good foundations and improving fundamentals, so that you are able to build newer Skills and Concepts easier with higher efficiency.

4 Lessons
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Rank Up Bootcamp - Live Sessions - 1 Month

I will take you under my wing and will guide you on a 1 month long boot camp with an hourly session every week to build you from the ground up. Starting from the core foundations and slowly heading to more advanced techniques. You will also have my personal Discord to ask questions at any time!

4 Lessons
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IGL + Individual Growth

This Training Plan, was made with 1 Lesson, solely focused on the role of an IGL, how to use the role effectively and how to outsmart your opponents. With 3 additional lessons focused on your growth as a player. This Training Plan Includes: - 1 Lesson of In-Game Leading improvement - 2 Replay Reviews, for individual improvement - 1 Live Session, to analyze where you currently are based on previous sessions and to also discuss your next steps.

4 Lessons
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You + Friend Combo - Duo

Great for Duos who are looking to improve their gameplay and teamplay with each other.

2 Lessons
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About Me:

Hey, I'm Myth! 21 years old and currently competing at a high level in VALORANT! I have played FPS Games competitively for over 4 years starting from CSGO and at a high level in VALORANT for the past 2 years. Been a competing player since VALORANT was released and have over 1,000+ Hours of Coaching Experience. Within those 4 years, I have built many successful teams and brought up players from the ground up, many who are reputable in the Scene.

I am able to teach every agent to a proficient level starting from the Fundamentals. Which allows you to learn the skills to assess and build yourself up as player. Which in itself, is a lifelong skill as opposed to learning the simple, do's and don'ts which can only get you so far. This also prevents you from needing to continually book sessions every time you plateau or stuck on progression, saving you both TIME and MONEY. You will be investing in yourself on a life long skill.

What I cover on each Session will be different to both, your situation and your goals. To ensure you achieve the highest possible level of success! However, majority of my sessions will include the following fundamentals or concepts which will eventually help you play at a professional level:

  • Positioning
  • Communication
  • Aim
  • Crosshair Placement
  • Teamplay or Teamwork
  • Utility Usage
  • Map Awareness
  • Economy Management
  • Retaking/Executing Ability
  • Agent usage
  • Understanding your Role
  • In-Game Leading
  • Gun Mechanics
  • Spray Control & When to Spray

I have coached both high and low ranked players, proving that I am able to teach and explain different concepts thoroughly that even a beginner can understand. Your growth and goals are the utmost priority to me and I will do everything I can to help you reach those goals! I am incredibly compassionate to my students, as, a well respected environment goes a long way for improvement and growth. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my students exceeding their expectations and reaching newer and greater heights!

My coaching is not just for Ranked players! In fact, majority of my students are semi-professional - professional players who are actively learning to become one of the best in the region. So if pro league or playing with a team is something that YOU are interested in, feel free to reach out!

P.S Feel free to Message me at anytime for inquiries or concerns. I offer custom packages catered to your needs, please do not hesitate to request them! Helping my students to the best of my abilities will ALWAYS be my priority.

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