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I want to take your CS:GO IQ to the next level. I have coached players of all skill levels, from basic beginner to highly competitive team players. My thousands of hours of knowledge will prove useful for players of all skill levels. If you don't see a coaching option below that works for you, message me on discord and we can talk (discord: 1bird)

Next available: 5:00 PM Tuesday
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Intro Lesson (Live Demo Review)

Single Lesson for one hour of time together. We will watch a demo of your gameplay together live and I will give you feedback on your play. If time allows, I will join a practice server with you to show you new ideas and further discuss what we went over in the demo review.

Intro Lesson (Live Coaching)

I will watch you play live and give you feedback on what you could do better and instruct you on good decision to make mid-game without backseat gaming.

Intro Lesson (Theory Discussion)

I will discuss one full map (CT and T side positions) and give you an overview of how each spot plays, giving a comprehensive understanding of one map out of seven in CS:GO.

Multiple-Week Training

I will do Live Vods, Give Aim Tips, Discuss Theory, and incorporate you as a student who meets weekly to look for improvement over a long period of time.

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Offline Vod

Send me a match demo (FACEIT, Matchmaking, or Official Match POV) and I will watch it and send you a video going over key rounds that highlight fundamental skills and improvements that can be made. I will also add in time after the demo in a practice server showing specifics and tricks that you can use to improve your game.

1 Vod
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About Me:

I have played CS:GO for almost 10 years now, and experienced all levels (outside of professional play). I know how to balance my life as a college student while pushing my skill to the next level, and I believe that anyone can do the same with practice and hard work.

Qualifications (Experience): Qualified for NA ESL Challenger League through ECL Relegation (S44) Top 60 Faceit Peak Rank (NA, ~3800 ELO) ESEA Rank G 16 ESEA Seasons, practicing with teams in Advanced, Main, IM, and Open Global Elite Since 2019 ESEA: FACEIT: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:

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