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I am a previously top 500 Overwatch player, immortal 3 Valorant player, nova voltaic, and astra precision main. Not only have I coached players at the highest level in Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Valorant, but I have also been vouched for by MattyOW himself.

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A one hour long, live session block in kovaaks. I will go through several priority categories, assisting you along the way and writing about one essay's worth of notes at the end. I typically include an individual playlist or two as well!

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Student feedback

Live VOD

great coach! gave me a lot of constructive criticism while also letting me know what i'm doing right. Helped me improve each round and explained things clearly.

Rating: 5/5Date: 6/18/2023

Live VOD

Great session!

Rating: 5/5Date: 6/18/2023