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Enjoy a high quality aim coaching experience based on years of aim training knowledge as well as competitive experience from games like Paladins and Overwatch. Every session includes an intro, where we decide on what we want to work on. Then I choose vods that I want you to send me. Following that I put hours into analyzing the vods, making detailed notes and a custom playlist, to help you progress better. My free aim content library:

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You get a full session with detailed preliminary talk about what you want to improve and what your current skill level is, to ensure high quality coaching. Based on our talk, I will ask you to send me vods I choose. After that, I will create extensive notes to prepare for the session. Then we have a 1-hour Discord call going over the vods and optionally also some live coaching if I see it as beneficial. After the call, you get a playlist that I will also explain and demonstrate during the call. I will also send you a Google doc with my notes.

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Student feedback

Full Session

Gut erklärt und schön mit Beispielen gearbeitet. Nette Persönlichkeit und man merkt auch die Motivation, an seinen Notizen und die Art und weiße wie es erklär wird, dass man es auf jeden fall versteht, wo auch drauf geachtet wird!!! Hab meine Persönliche Routine jetzt seit ungefähr einen Tag, durch die Tipps die ich bekommen habe hat sich meine accuracy gesteigert und fühle mich auch mit meinem Aim sicherer. Sehr zu empfehlen und war sicher auch nicht meine Letzte Session : )

Rating: 5/5Date: 7/28/2023

Full Session

Trippez pinpointed precisely what I needed to work on. Trippez also gave me a deeper insight into how these tips would improve my aim and broke down why these aim techniques are helpful. Friendly and super willing to help!

Rating: 5/5Date: 7/15/2023

Full Session

Fantastic coach. Provided much needed clarity to what I was doing wrong in regards to Reactive Tracking, even though I already had 1000 hours in Kovaaks. It was really nice chatting with him about various techniques in aiming and games we had played in the past. Was very adaptable with working with my time schedule as well. Honestly it's a steal for $35. I would've wasted so much more time trying to figure out what works, so it's great having someone that's experienced analyze your VODs and let you know what you might be doing wrong. I plan on doing another session with him on smooth tracking and evasive TS, and probably another on dynamic clicking after that. Highly recommend, 6 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5/5Date: 8/31/2023

Full Session

I've had two sessions with Trippez so far (and I will certainly come back for more!), one on reactive tracking and another one on dynamic clicking. It feels to early for me to talk about the reactive one, but I can say for dynamic that some of my scores pretty much doubled through a single month by following his very well explained instructions and grinding the playlist he made for me. What you truly need to know about Trippez however is not simply my results. Is that he is not only a great aimer, but a great teacher. This is not super common. Many great players have the hard skills to be among the best at what they do, but lack the soft skills to be great teachers. He understands a lot about aiming is in the mind and he is great at motivating his students while having the hard skills and being articulated enough with words to explain what you're doing right and wrong well, and what you should do to fix your issues in an easy to understand way - without missing any critical piece of information. Lastly, he is very professional and at no point I felt disrespected or put down despite being quite inexperienced (and older!). That doesn't mean he is a super rigid teacher tho - he is a chill dude who is easy to talk to and even share a laugh about something. 100% vouch will be back for more. If you're reading this because you saw Trippez scores or content somewhere, is thinking about getting coaching but you're not sure if he is a good teacher - he is, don't worry and just go fot it. Keep up the good work Trippez!

Rating: 5/5Date: 7/14/2023

Full Session

Definitely the best bang for your buck. Trippez made sure to figure out what I wanted to improve first, and when I was a little uncertain on how to move forward he knew exactly what to focus on based on what I struggled with. I provided my Voltaic benchmark and some VODs on selected scenarios and we had a super informative session where Trippez covered not only how to improve on these scenarios but also what I was already doing well. He was obviously incredibly prepared with a full write-up and a full playlist to practice, what to focus on in each scenario, and specific techniques to practice within the playlist. He even provided infographics and showed several video examples to make the techniques visually understandable. He's obviously very knowledgeable and was able to tell me multiple things to focus on in order to improve. I look forward to see my results in a month! He's also very easy to talk and overall chill and nice. Definitely recommend -- talented coach, cracked aimer, easy-going guy.

Rating: 5/5Date: 9/30/2023

Full Session

Great to work with. Helped answer any question I had, went overtime until I understood everything as well as I needed, gave extra options and references, and also just a chill and relatable guy. I dm'd him about my overflicking issue which I haven't been able to solve for over a year. I felt very skeptical when he basically said "Oh yeah we can fix that, no worries." But to my surprise, we fixed it. Took two weeks and the issue that had been plagueing me had dissapeared. He also let me know that if I have anything to bring up, like other questions or checking if I'm doing things right, or even giving an update on how it's going, he was always ears. And so far, he has been. Hasn't given me a yucky feeling at all, very pleasant to work with and a chill guy, and most importantly, fixed my unsolvable issue within two weeks.

Rating: 5/5Date: 6/15/2023

Full Session

Great guy, gave a 2 hour session just to make sure i understood everything. went into detail and helped me understand how to improve properly Overall 10/10 session

Rating: 5/5Date: 7/20/2023