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You are in the right place to be the best in the game.

I am here to make the most accurate analysis for you. Dominate the game with the right game settings and training.

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Are you ready to become a hunter?

The right settings for you and a training plan tailored to you!

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Can you play as well as a machine?

Personal Training, Strategic Guidance, Game Style Analysis, Personalized Right Settings

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It's time to set the rules!

Full game analysis for you, exclusive analysis by playing together and much more.

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You are now the commander!

High elos-specific tactics, game strategies and a lot of information that can win matches. (includes services in subpackages.)

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Personal coaching with full access!

Private coaching service for 1 week live 1on1.


About Me:

My service to you is a process where a coach guides players to provide strategic guidance and training. For a team-based game, coaching can help improve the team's coordination, strategies, and tactics. A coach teaches players in-game mechanics and strategies while also helping to improve team communication, rotations, map control, equipment purchasing and general game knowledge. Coaches can analyze players' playstyles, identify their weaknesses, and develop specific training and strategies to strengthen those weaknesses.

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