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About Me:

Here are my student's accomplishments and I cannot wait to list yours one in the list:

Winning Challenger league (Activit-E, "Karmaze") Winning Rotterdam Dreamhack (LAN - "Coffee") Qualified for Nordic Championship 2023 & finishing 2nd place (TWO TEAMS) Qualified for UKIN 2023 ("Swiss", "James" & "Ducky") Winning Gamerfest LAN ("Swiss", "James" & "Ducky") Winning NECC Nationals ("CUW Esports") Qualified for Benelux Seasion 7 ("Bruhject") ... and much more

Still unsure? Check the following portfolio with just some of my achievements:

There are a lot more great achievements I have done, so don't hesitate to shoot me a message

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Student feedback


Very good training. The strats are simple and clearly laid out, so you can teach them perfectly to the players of the team. Also, they are very up to date and thus respond to the meta changes. Regarding Kaosx himself: he is very friendly and always easy to reach. He reacts quickly and competently. Very happy to come back and a clear recommendation for everybody!

Rating: 5/5Date: 1/10/2023

Eilish oreG

As a Rainbow Six Siege player, I have been fortunate enough to work with Kaosx as my coach for the past few months. His expertise in the game is unparalleled, and he has an exceptional ability to break down complex concepts and mechanics into simple, easy-to-understand lessons. Kaosx is not only a knowledgeable coach, but he is also incredibly patient and dedicated to helping his students improve. His guidance has been instrumental in helping me take my gameplay to the next level, and I am grateful for all that he has taught me. I highly recommend Kaosx as a coach for anyone looking to improve their Rainbow Six Siege skills.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/12/2022


Kaosx is a top professional at what he does, there is no-one else like him. Everything is thoroughly explained, and well executed

Rating: 5/5Date: 1/26/2023


I lead multiple teams at a USA university. Kaosx is an extremely professional coach which stands out with my past experiences on this site. Highly recommend!

Rating: 5/5Date: 1/28/2023


Beyond insane! Opened my eyes to so many different situations and really helped me engage my brain and analyze my gameplay to achieve my goals! 100% recommend

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/2/2023


I got coaching for my team for free because I had won a giveaway so I did not expect much from it but what I got surprised me. Kaos did a great job and even I was surprised at how good of a coach you can get on the internet. I have been playing comp for a couple of years and am champ every season and even I learned a ton of stuff I still use. And it is not like he only list examples of misplays he goes out of his way to give advice and ideas for the future. He even makes the experience special for you and does things differently on request. For instance he made my team goals we can focus on when we asked for them. I greatly suggest at least trying out his coaching if you have the money to spare!

Rating: 5/5Date: 9/14/2022


Kaosx helped me with some attack strategies while soloqueing... they were explained very well and I would overall recommend

Rating: 5/5Date: 3/20/2023


It is not necessary to get coaching to improve in R6, but getting Kaosx’s Metafy sessions will undoubtedly save you lots of precious time of trial and error, and the feeling of being stuck in a certain rank without knowing what to do. Kaosx offers flexible lesson plans for all types of players, regardless if you’re playing in a certain ranked elo, or playing competitively in T3/T4 with a team, Koasx has at least one type of lesson plan for you. And with his wide timeframe for coaching sessions, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can find a time to be coached by him. I’ve taken Kaosx’s solo q sessions personally, and I can say they are certainly useful. This bundle includes a gameplay review, then 3 more sessions teaching you the details of how to play a team-based game by only relying on yourself. This is not just the same strat book and guidelines given to each of his students, Kaosx will teach you the way YOU want to play the game, with personalized advice and strategies along the way. Of course, the content does not end there, regardless of which course you choose, you can always DM Kaosx with your questions and provide updates on your situation, and he’ll still offer you help, with no extra charges. In conclusion, it’s a 10/10 for anyone who wants to improve the game quickly and it’s certainly worth the money with the amount of effort Kaosx puts into it.

Rating: 5/5Date: 9/14/2022


Kaosx is an incredibly knowledgeable guy who can help anybody of any skill level improve. He is easy to get along with and very easy to talk to. He pointed out issues I had with my own individual playstyle and made suggestions on how to change them. He also assisted in me developing my teams playstyle and how we approach certain things. I would recommend anybody to give him a chance to help you become a better player and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/22/2022


Amazing guy, just done the starting part and already looks amazing. Handled very professionally

Rating: 5/5Date: 4/20/2023


Very prof. Listens to your ideas and help you solve it the best way possible. 11/10 service <3

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/20/2023

Evan | Towallcot

I did both an IGL session and a learning competitive maps session with Kaosx, I found the learning competitive maps lesson particularly helpful as I was new to competitive at the time and it gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to play that map well, The session gave me the fundamentals to apply what I learned to other maps when learning to play competitive, The IGL session was my second session , it was my first time attempting to be an IGL and I wasn't sure where to start so I found this session extremely useful in learning to help my team adapt and plan attacks.

Rating: 5/5Date: 9/20/2022


Session was great. Walked me through what exactly i’d be getting. Showed me what plans would work best for me. Overall a great guy.

Rating: 5/5Date: 3/9/2023

Canyon Bovich

Helpful and very positive, great coach

Rating: 5/5Date: 1/20/2023

Saku Kopi

Best coach I have ever had. Helped me and my team to get into competetive Siege. Our whole team had zero experience of T4 level competitions and still we got there. He could be a massive help for a silver ranked player and all the way to professional player.

Rating: 5/5Date: 1/6/2023


Amazing, Awesome, Superb. Words do not describe the quality of coaching that is provided by this man. He treats you like an equal and actually helps you

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/14/2023


As a gifted teacher and dedicated Siege player, Kaosx is equipped to provide you expert coaching tailored to your specific goals in Rainbow 6 Siege. He does not waste your time by taking you into custom games and showing you some angles. Instead, he gives you a streamlined courses packed with useful map knowledge, explanations of gameplay mechanics, effecieint strategies, and mentalities for different playstyles. He is also very much about making his courses work for the individual by finding your specific weaknesses, working with you to design goals, and tracking your progress. Kaosx prepares a multitude of screenshots, clips, blueprints that are used as visual aids for his coaching which means there is both no wasted time during sessions and that nothing is missed during them. This culminates in not just you learning about the game more, but being given the tools to grow and improve on yoru own. I very much appreciated the extra free sessions he gave me when he believed it was beneficial to spend more time on a certain subject to make sure I was fully informed. He not only teaches you but invests in you as a player or team and wants nothing more but to see you succeed and will not rest until your goals are attained. Trust that his position as the #1 R6 Siege Coach was earned and will be reflected in your sessions.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/8/2022


Kaosx has helped me in so many ways, from providing a better sense of my role within a team to boosting my confidence. The discussions we have during the sessions are always beneficial and they provide new insight into areas where I may need more or less focus. The notes he leaves give me good things to work on to become the best player I can whilst also giving feedback for my team as a whole that my IGL loves to take into our games. If you want to take your individual or team game to the next level I can't recommend Koasx enough.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/7/2022


I had a great experience overall, was looking to learn more 'concepts' about the game and how the strategy worked and I learned a ton about it from just one session. He's a great coach and I highly recommend him for anyone trying to understand the game better.

Rating: 5/5Date: 5/10/2022


Kaosx was a fantastic and flexible coach. He gives excellent examples of things that players might struggle with, then addresses those things specifically.10/10

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/18/2023


Kaos is an excellent coach and without doubt an expert at both the game and teaching people how to play it. Went from Plat 3 to Diamond 3. Would recommend.

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/4/2023

That Boy Nathan

Best Rainbow Six coach ever.

Rating: 5/5Date: 3/2/2023

Cilly 4522

Amazing experience! Gives tons of new idea for a variety of ranks. Very flexible too.

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/24/2023


Kaosx is a fantastic coach, adapting the session to whatever was needed. Providing personal and helpful advice in every session. I would recommend him to anyone

Rating: 5/5Date: 4/17/2023

RenTaX YouTube

The best thing about Kaosx is that he is genuine - he is always there for you, even after the session is over. He helped my team tremendously by spotting the weaknesses of our playstyles and the strats. The way that he coaches is he wants that you get to the answer, even if the answer is not what he was looking for. His main focus is to make our decisions better. I cannot recommend Kaosx enough

Rating: 5/5Date: 7/5/2022


Best coach I can recommend! Insane game knowledge and people managing. Natural teacher and always brings the best out of people

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/7/2022


Kaosx has been fantastic from the get go. I've felt like I've improved more as a player in the last month than in the last 2 years.

Rating: 5/5Date: 4/28/2023


Kaosx knows exactly the kind of input you need and he made very good input towards how I played in the VOD review and helped me improve Immediately

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/15/2023


Good explanations, with several ways to support them (layouts, videos, animations). For the small time I spent so far, I don't regret any seconds.

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/7/2023

Logan Young

For a first time coaching session, considering I had no comp or pc game sense at all prior it was fantastic.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/16/2022


Kaosx is a extremely good coach, He has provided me with an insane amount of recourses to help improve my skills and great advice. Instead of just outright telling me my mistakes he pushes me to realize them myself which carries over to in game where I am better able to realize what I'm doing wrong and correct it myself. He is consistently communicative and respectful. 10/10 R6 coach

Rating: 5/5Date: 9/23/2022


Kaosx guides you to a path that teaches you how to help yourself long after your sessions have ended.

Rating: 5/5Date: 6/22/2023


He is always available to reply your questions and replies very fast, always kind and open. Easily one of the best coaches I have the opportunity to work with

Rating: 5/5Date: 2/20/2023


Have to start of by thanking to the legend named Kaosx, in total I had 3 sessions together and couple of sessions done with my comp team, Kaosx is definetly a top notch coach, i have played semi-pro basketball in the past and i have only seen couple of coaches put in the work Kaosx is putting in to his work, the amount of support and work he gives to his students is unbelievable, i booked my sessions a year ago and i was able to have my sessions months later, he also responds to my questions about what we talked in those sessions even months later :D. He is not only a coach also a great friend to his students.

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/22/2022


Best coach ever. Cares for long time improvement even after just one lesson, keeps in touch with students and allways open for questions and is trying to improve himself and his craft

Rating: 5/5Date: 12/8/2022


What can I say, he's absolutely the best. He puts so much effort on studying strats and your playstyle, and he will help you also with your mentality on the game itself. His knowledge is infinite and personally he helped me a lot improving day by day. Very active on discord and open to questions about everything.

Rating: 5/5Date: 5/27/2022