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Rocket League coach, author, and curriculum developer. I have over 4,000 hours of experience helping players from every rank achieve their dreams. If you are struggling to reach the next level in your Rocket League journey, don't hesistate to reach out and book a session today.

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Boot Camp

Are you curious about the progress you can make in just one month? Enroll in my one-month boot camp and prepare to surprise yourself! When you first enroll, you'll be given valuable resources and an invitation to my community, where there are hundreds of players like yourself striving to improve. We will dive into game theory, strategy, training, mechanics, mentality, and more. Each week, I will create unique drills and goals for you to complete, tailored to your current needs. These tasks will help you stay motivated as you see yourself breaking through plateau after plateau. They will be designed to challenge, engage, and evolve you. We'll significantly enhance your ground and aerial mechanics while building your understanding of the game to that of a Grand Champion or SSL's. Get ready to blow your mind with what you can achieve in just one month of dedicated practice. Elevate your skills and enroll in my boot camp today!

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About Me:

Playing, studying, and coaching Rocket League has been my life's passion for over four and a half years. I've had the privilege of learning from many of the greatest minds in the game and have spent thousands of hours sharing my knowledge with players like yourself. I've achieved my dream of turning my passion into a career, and I currently work full-time as a Rocket League coach and curriculum developer.

Working closely with the best players and coaches in the game, I've gained invaluable insights and developed strategies to elevate your understanding of the game to the next level.

While there is a wealth of information readily accessible on YouTube, it can be difficult to discern what information is reliable and relevant without prior, extensive knowledge of the game.

In our sessions, we'll break down the reasoning behind what works and what doesn't, and most importantly - why. We'll take the time to thoroughly explore the most important concepts in the game so that you can apply what you learn long into the future.

Our coaching sessions take place on Discord, accessible with a PC or smartphone.

I am excited to propel you to the next level in Rocket League. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, don't hesitate to reach out today!

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