Coach M3

Professional Top 8 RLCS Main Event Coach

Professional Rocket League Coach working with individual Pros and teams. Previous teams have been Soniqs Rocket League and 26Rising, and current team is Sup. I have achieved multiple top 8 finishes in RLCS Main Event and have had team competing in RLCS Main Event for the past 2 years. Currently the Coach of Sup who achieved a top 8 finish in RLCS Spring Split. I personally have been top 20 in 3v3 leaderboards for several seasons as a player.

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Individual Session

I will go over 2-3 Replays with you for 1 hour and help you improve your game sense and mechanics to improve your in game rank. I will also go over high level rotations and positioning that cater to each individual rank.

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Team Session

I will go over 1-2 replays with your team discussing Kickoff strategy, Rotations, Offensive/Defensive structure, and positioning. This session will be at least 1 hour or longer depending on how much time we need to get to everything.

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